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Sao Benitez

Danca Loca

Track used on the new Bacardi Island worldwide TV ad campaign

State Of Independence


River Plate Samba Orchestra Sao Benitez Mix

Peace and Love


A Night In Havana

Espiritu Latino feat. Mr Hermano

Mr Bongo - Latin Beats Boxset - Compilation

Mr Hermano

Free As The Morning Sun - Album

Free As The Morning Sun

Capoeira Love Affair


It's Love

Jugando Con Fuego - Part1

Jugando Con Fuego - Part2

Comu Um Sol


Leave Me On a High


O Globo - Album


Jose Cuervo


La Nina

Uno Mas Tiempo


Vasco Da Gama


Cubana Yama Ya


Free As The Morning Sun Remixs - Single

Free As The Morning Sun (Skumfrog Radio Edit)

Free As The Morning Sun (Scumfrog Mix)

Hypnotista (Ambient Dud

Jugando Con Fuego Radio Edit (Part 1 & 2)

Jugando Con Fuego  (Part 1)

Jugando Con Fuego  (Part 2)

Jugando Con Fuego - Single

The Mitchell & Dewbury Band

Beyond The Rains

Rapping With The Gods

Love Is Flowing To Love

Spaces & Places

Darker Than A Shadow feat Terry Callier


Living...Am I Living

Jazz Is Your Life

Beyond The Rains (Drumagic Remix)

Beyond The Rains - Album

Bukky Leo

Black Egypt (Intro)

Ake Bo Je

Don’t Go Away

Times Like These

Dem Go Shout

The Vision

Why Can’t We Live Together


Secular Society

His Majesty

Billie Godfrey

The Eden Tree - Album

Produced by Ben Mitchell

Hush Now


The Eden Tree

You Bring Me Love

Allergic To The World


Morning Light

How Long Will I Stay Beautiful

In Exile

When You Were With Me

Until You Love Me

Lets Go Back

You’ve Got A Friend

Leave Me On A High

Afrobeat Visions - Album

Produced by Ben Mitchell

Mr Hermano The Bongo Years - Album

50 Tracks and exclusive mixs from Mr Hermano’s time with the legendary Mr Bongo record label

Danca Loca - Single

Mr Bongo Single Collection - Compilation

Here you can preview/buy downloads of individual tracks or complete albums from Ben Mitchell’s catalogue from the iTunes official site. These include his own projects; Sao Benitez, Mr Hermano and The Mitchell & Dewbury Band. You can also preview/buy two Albums produced by Ben. Billie Godfrey “The Eden Tree” and Bukky Leo “Afrobeat Visions”

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Tracks by Mr Hermano

and Tidal

Abacus/A:xus Re Touch

Abacus/A:xus Stripped Touch

Original Tidal Wave

Vox  Musicapella

R U Comin single

Disorient Singles Collection

Danca Loca - Album

Danca Loca

Feeling High

Love Changes Season

105 Degrees

Summer On The Hudson

Caught Up In The Rapture

Never Too Much

Tiempo Por Fiesta

Dream B.I.G.

Dont Keep Me Waiting

Golden Lady

You Remind Me

Into The Unknown

Peace & Love

L-O-V-E Love

Cafe do Brasil

The Look Of Love

Let Love Be Your Guide


Deep Water

Where Are We Gonna Go

Peace & Love - Album

Batida do Corpo


A Night In Havana




Nossa Menina

Percussao De Corpo

Amazonas Fat Boy Slim Mix

Floresta Tropical

Mole Sopato

Body Percussion Album

Due Out Winter 2010