Composing For TV Adverts                       


Ben has composed pieces for some of the worlds biggest brands. For the 2008 European Championships he produced the theme for the Adidas Dream BIG campaign. For the 2006 World Cup he put together 2 tracks for Nikes Joga Bonito ads. Other highlights have been tracks for Bombay Sapphire Gin, Swatch and Kozel.

Currently Ben has composed the tracks for the Bacardi Island campaign and the new Nokia ad.

His style is wide and varied. Every thing from Classical/Opera, Guitar Bands all dance floor flavours and  Rhythmical soundscaping. For Nike Ben used a Brazilian percussion ensemble who made every rhythmical sound using only the human body. For Bacardi  he assembled a stadium filling funk band and for Kozel a 1920s sounding big band complete with mastering the final recording onto a 78 record to get that vintage sound. For BMW Mini Countryman it was back to some 80’s beats and synths

Every ad is different. He assembles a bespoke team of people to serve each different criteria.

Ad Bacardi Island 
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